Currently working on the following projects.

What I Do Regularly

IT Manager

At Dragon Pharma USA LLC since 2015, I lead a team that oversees all IT systems. We provide top-tier support, implement best practices, and collaborate with security and network ops.

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Master Studies

I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in International Relations at Lusófona University. My area of study is Global South's fight to change the World Order.

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PhD Studies

I am pursuing a PhD in Communication and Activism at Lusófona University. My research focuses on how Western Civilisation influences cultural changes through media and NGOs.

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Junior Enterprise

I am the President and Founder of EXPANDIR, a Portuguese junior enterprise of students from Lusófona University with the goal of internationalising local businesses.

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Some projects that I enjoyed doing.

What have I been doing?

Government of the State of Paraná
Government of the State of ParanáMember of the Special Evaluation Commission of the Paraná State Higher Education System

- Evaluate the teaching, research, and extension policies developed by the State Institutions of Higher Education - IEES of the State of Paraná.
- The Special Evaluation Commission of the Paraná State Higher Education System established guidelines and principles for the Institutional Evaluation of the IEES of Paraná and worked in an integrated way with the IEES's Own Evaluation Commissions.

Universidade Lusófona (CUP)
Universidade Lusófona (CUP)Rosa para Ucrânia

The "Rosa para Ucrânia" project aimed to provide menstrual hygiene products for the over two million refugees, mostly women and children, who have fled on the beginning of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Due to a lack of access to feminine hygiene products, many women are forced to use makeshift solutions, putting their physical and psychological well-being at risk.

União Nacional dos Esrudantes - UNE
União Nacional dos Esrudantes - UNERegional Vice-President for Paraná

- Politically and Legally Representing Brazilian University Students, and the Entity, in the State of Paraná.
- Plan and forward basic projects in defense of the interests of higher education students.
- Negotiation and lobbying activities with government entities linked to higher education.

NECPRI - ULPPresident of the Political Science and International Relations Student Center

As the President and Founder of the NECPRI-ULP Student Union, I oversaw our efforts to establish the union for our course and develop projects that provide students with knowledge beyond traditional classrooms. Our goal is to create a platform that promotes academic, professional, and personal growth.

Political knowledge as a tool!

If you're looking for expert insights and advice to navigate the complex world of politics, you've come to the right place. As a political scientist, I can offer you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in your political endeavors.